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A-Log's fanfiction

Discussion in 'Internet Fiction/Fanfiction' started by Ms. Mowz, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Ms. Mowz

    Ms. Mowz My likes mean absolutely nothing!

    Jan 22, 2017
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    (Buzz nods, and then looks at his erect cock again. She marvels at it for a moment and then starts to put her mouth all over it, and starts to suck him off. Pan to Anthony, closing his eyes in rapture and breathing hard as Buzz continues her work on his hard shaft. Switch back to Buzz, as she is giving him this delicious torture. She bobs her head up and down to take in his large length. She even holds her breasts as she continues her blow job. Pan up to Anthony, who can no longer take in this pleasure. He arches back as he shoots 20 loads of semen into Buzz' mouth. Buzz is unfazed she continues licking his erect cock. She then takes her mouth off and licks him clean. She then stands up, and faces him as she holds his still erect member.)

    Buzz: (erotically) You like that, Anthony?

    Anthony: (nods) Yeah. Is it still erect?

    Buzz: (looks down) (erotically) Yep. Anything you want to do now?

    Anthony: I don't know. Do you have anything in mind?

    Buzz: (erotically) Well, you still want some of my breasts?

    Anthony: Yeah.

    Buzz: (erotically) Have you ever tried titty-fucking before?

    Anthony: I have. You?

    Buzz: (erotically) Never. But I want my first one to be with you.

    Anthony: Wow. That's really nice. But I'm not sure if my erection is still up.

    Buzz: (erotically) Let me handle that. (she reaches down to his cock, and coils her hands around it. She then jerks him off to regain its length. Anthony kisses her as she jerks him off. She then takes her hand off it and places her hands on her wobbling breasts) Now for the breasts, right?

    (Anthony nods as if saying yes, as Buzz lays down on the couch. Anthony then sits himself on top of her, sitting by her breasts in ready position.)

    Anthony: (thinking) Man her boobs are huge!

    Buzz: (erotically) Now put it in between, Anthony.

    (Anthony does as she wants, and slides his hardened penis in between her huge breasts. Buzz holds his penis in place with her breasts. He then starts to pump himself into her breasts and starts to titty-fuck her.)

    Anthony: (as he does her boobs) Yes... your breasts feel so good... (continues to slide his dick in between Buzz' breasts as they hear "whaps" from contact between his penis and her breasts) God, Buzz. I can't get enough of this!

    Buzz: (erotically) I'm so happy you like it...

    Anthony: (off screen) But why between your breasts?

    Buzz: (erotically) It feels so great. So soft and warm...

    Anthony: (off screen) Oh, you're the greatest, Buzz!

    (he continues to titty-fuck Buzz, as her breasts bounce from each impact. This lasts until Anthony can feel pressure in his cock. He gives a few more pushes and shoots his semen in between her breasts and chest. When he's finished discharging his load, he slides his penis off her now messy breasts.)

    Anthony: Sorry about that, Buzz.

    Buzz: (erotically) That's alright. The sweat will take care of it. Now can you do you one more favor?

    Anthony: What's that?

    Buzz: (erotically) I want you to fuck me... like what you did with my tits!

    (Anthony smiles and moves himself off Buzz' body, and goes near her vagina. He then inserts his hard cock into Buzz' pussy. As he pushes in, he sees that Buzz is biting her lips in pain.)

    Anthony: (worried) Are you still a virgin?

    Buzz: (catching her breath) Hardly. I didn't lose all of it with the last guy I was with.

    Anthony: I see. Sorry if I have to hurt you.

    Buzz: I don't mind at all. It's just that I wasn't ready. Please continue.

    (Anthony smiles, and he pushes more of himself in. He then feels Buzz' hymen breaking. Now Buzz has lost all her virginity. Anthony looks up at Buzz, and she nods to him, telling him to go. He smiles and starts to thrust his prick in Buzz' vagina. Switch to Buzz as she moans and breathes heavily from Anthony's love thrusts.)

    Buzz: (erotic screaming) Oh! This feels so good, Anthony... (Anthony continues to hump her brains out. He then bends foward and sucks on her right breast as he fucks her missionary style.) Ooooooh... oh yes! I love you, Anthony!

    Anthony: Oh, Buzz... I love you too... (gives her a deep romantic kiss as he is still humping her to submission, and Buzz kisses back. He then breaks the kiss and continues screwing her brains out) Ooh. I... I'm gonna cum, Buzz!

    Buzz: (erotic screaming) Me- Ah! Me too! (Anthony then grabs her thighs and moves them apart to go in deeper) Ahh! Anthony! I don't think I can hold back much longer! Cum Anthony! Cum inside me!

    (camera takes a shot of down below where Anthony is chruning his penis into Buzz' vagina. Switch to his face as he is trembling. Switch to outside, where Hank, Buzz' brother is arriving back from the supermarket. He steps out of the car, and takes out the groceries. As he does, he hears the suspicious noise from Anthony and Buzz. He goes over to the door to investigate. He comes in, but he sees Buzz back in her nightgown, and Anthony, who is fully clothed, reading a family photo album. They then look at Hank, who is confused.)

    Hank: (confused) Um, did you two hear a suspicious sound around here?

    Buzz: (covering up) No. Me and Anthony was just looking at our family photo album.

    Anthony: Yeah. That's what we did the whole time.

    Hank: Oh. (scratches his head) I thought you two were doing the nasty and wasn't finished. (Buzz and Anthony roll their eyes upward, as a way to cover it up) Well, I'll just put the groceries away and leave you two alone.

    Buzz: Sure. No prob.
    Losing your virginity to A-Log has got to suck worse than losing it to Chris Chan.
  2. Ms. Mowz

    Ms. Mowz My likes mean absolutely nothing!

    Jan 22, 2017
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    (Hank walks away. Anthony then whispers something to Buzz' ear.)

    Anthony: (low) I'm having a party later tonight. Wanna come?

    Buzz: Really? That'll be great! What's it for?

    Anthony: Oh, just a night with me and the girls. But that doesn't mean I don't have room for you in my heart. (Buzz blushes as he reaches in his pocket and takes out Buzz' invitation) Here's your invitation. (she puts in between Buzz' breasts, and she giggles. Anthony kisses her on the cheek, and gets ready to leave) I'll see you later tonight, Buzz. Don't forget to wear something sexy tonight.

    Buzz: I won't. (kisses him goodbye, and he walks out the door.)

    (switch to an hour later, where Anthony stops at the next girl's house. He then stops and gets out of his car. Switch to inside the house, where we see a female cat with white fur and curly blond hair. She also sports a full figure. She is wearing a black tank top under a leather jacket, tight blue jeans, and black motorcycle gloves. This is Dee Dee of the New York City Pizza Cats. She hears the doorbell and walks to the door to answer it. She opens it and sees Anthony.)

    Anthony: Good evening, Dee Dee.

    Dee Dee: Evening, Anthony. What brings you here?

    Anthony: I'm just here for a little business.

    Dee Dee: Well, I do want to show you something.

    Anthony: Oh. Where is that thing?

    Dee Dee: It's in my garage. Follow me. (she walks over to the garage door, as Anthony follows her, watching her swivelling hips in the process. Switch into a dark room, but Dee Dee turns the lights on. This is the garage. Sitting there is a red and black Kawasagi motorcycle, which Dee Dee is very proud of.)

    Anthony: Wow. That's a good motorcycle you have there. (goes over and takes a look)

    Dee Dee: I'm glad you like it. I had that baby for 3 years. It always made me look good on the FDR.

    Anthony: I bet Sundance, Cosmo, and Abigail are jealous of you.

    Dee Dee: I know. But there is one thing I never tried on that bike.

    Anthony: (doesn't notice that Dee Dee is walking behind him) What's that? (he then feels Dee Dee's hands carressing his shoulders.)

    Dee Dee: (seductively) Make love on it. Besides, I heard a porn star made love to her ex-boyfriend on a horse. To me, that doesn't look that exciting. Wanna give it a try? (bats her eyelashes to him)

    Anthony: (smiles) Sure. I love to give new things a try.

    (Dee Dee nods and wraps her arms around his neck and plants a deep kiss to his lips. Anthony takes this in, and carresses her back. They continue their kiss as they stop at a nearby wall near the workshop. Dee Dee then breaks the kiss and slides down to Anthony's waist. With her gloved hand, she undoes Anthony's jeans, and pulls down his boxers, freeing his erection.)

    Dee Dee: (erotically) Did you have to hide this from me?

    Anthony: Well, I didn't want to startle you.

    Dee Dee: (erotically) I'm fine. Now, let me show you how us city girls do it.

    (Anthony nods, and then Dee Dee starts to give him oral sex, NYC style. Anthony puts his hands on the wall to hold himself as Dee Dee sucks his cock like a pro. She bobs her head up and down to take in his huge length. Filled with pleasure, Anthony jerks his hips foward against Dee Dee's head, like he was going to fuck her face as she sucks on his erect shaft. Dee Dee is unfazed as she continues this torture. Finally, Anthony doesn't hold it in any longer, and shoots his cum in Dee Dee's mouth. When he's finished, she sucks him dry to keep him erect. She then stands up and faces him.)

    Anthony: (catches his breath) Wow. Why can't all New York city girls be like you?

    Dee Dee: (erotically) There are city girls like me; they just don't show it off like I do.

    Anthony: Oh, right. So what now?

    Dee Dee: (erotically) Tell you what... (trails off as she walks to her motorcycle. She then sets her hands on the seat, crosses her legs, and stands there, flaunting her stuff.) Why don't you strip me out of these tight clothes?

    Anthony: (smiles) You got it!

    (Anthony walks over to Dee Dee, and takes off her leather jacket and sets it on her motorcycle. He then takes off her black tank top, revealing her busty breast size.)

    Dee Dee: (erotically) Wanna have a taste?

    Anthony: (nods) (low) Yeah.

    (Dee Dee gives him a finger curl to beckon him, and pushes his head onto her breasts. Anthony starts to lick and suck her nipples like a baby breastfeeded. Dee Dee releases some pleasured moans as Anthony continues feeding on her breasts. She even goes far as to stroke his bushy tail. She then pushes him off her breasts.)

    Dee Dee: (erotically) That felt good. (turns around, showing off her curvacous behind and long, smooth tail) Can you do something to get these jeans off?

    Anthony: (smiles) I think I know how.

    (he walks up behind Dee Dee, starts to kiss her neck and carress her breasts from behind. Dee Dee leans her head back to give him more room. He then slides his hands down her waist, and stops near her hips. He then starts to unbutton her jeans, and slides them down her shapely legs. He fully takes them off, and Dee Dee is now fully naked. Her tail sways back and forth in front of Anthony.)

    Dee Dee: (erotically) You like?

    Anthony: (nods)

    Dee Dee: (erotically) Then I want you to wax my ass. Then fuck it while I stand here.
    Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
  3. Ms. Mowz

    Ms. Mowz My likes mean absolutely nothing!

    Jan 22, 2017
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    (Anthony goes towards her ass and kneels down. He sticks his tougne out and starts to lick her ass. She moans as he does his work. She then uses her tail to softly carresses his hair. This lasts for a few minutes until Anthony starts to stand up and postions himself behind Dee Dee.)

    Anthony: You ready?

    Dee Dee: (erotically) Hell yeah. (kisses Anthony from behind)

    (Anthony then starts to thrust his hardened prick inside Dee Dee's pussy from behind. Dee Dee holds on to the seat as Anthony bangs her from behind. She gyrates her hips to bring him deeper. They exchange screams and moans of pleasure as they go into deep ecstasy. They start to tire off a bit. Seconds later, Dee Dee is seen laying down on her motorcycle holding on to one of the handle bars with her left hand, and carress her right breast with her right hand. Anthony is then seen sitting in the near end of the motorbike, still humping her brains out. They are making love on her motorcycle, just as Dee Dee wanted.)

    Dee Dee: (erotic screaming) Oh my GOD! Oh, this oh so fucking good!!! Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! Right there! Right there! AH!

    (Anthony continues, and even goes into overdrive as he fucks Dee Dee into oblivion. Anthony feels like he is going to explode inside Dee Dee, put she is almost goes into an orgasm of her own. Anthony then explodes inside her, discharging his load at over 15 shots. Dee Dee then goes into an orgasm of her own, and splashes her cum on his penis.)

    (after they catch their breath, Anthony pulls himself out, and starts to put his clothes back on. Dee Dee gets off her motorcycle and also gets back into her clothes.)

    Anthony: (catches his breath) Wow, that was good. I never knew you were that good.

    Dee Dee: (as she puts her leather jacket back on) I know. Some people would consider me a slut, but at least I have a heart, and a taste on men. (gets her motorcycle helmet)

    Anthony: Oh, I almost forgot something. (reaches into his pocket and pulls out another invitation. He gives it to Dee Dee.)

    Dee Dee: What's this?

    Anthony: It's an invitation to a party I'm throwing later tonight.

    Dee Dee: For what?

    Anthony: Oh, just a night with me and the girls. You're one of them.

    Dee Dee: Well... I guess I have some time later tonight. (puts her motorcycle helmet on) In the meantime, I'm going to take a little ride around town. (presses a button on the wall, and it opens up the garage. She then starts up her motorcycle, and starts to speed off. Switch to her as she blows a kiss to Anthony as she drives off. Fade out)

    End of Chapter 7
    Only three more chapters of this garbage. Thank God.
  4. Ms. Mowz

    Ms. Mowz My likes mean absolutely nothing!

    Jan 22, 2017
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    The World's Luckiest Guy

    by Anthony LoGatto

    Rated NC-17

    Chapter 8: Mewtha & Haystack

    Written: 6-27-02 Finished: 7-16-02

    (story begins with Anthony driving in the downtown district. He then stops at a strip club. He gets out of the car and looks up at the neon sign saying "Foxxxy Ladies".)

    Anthony: Well, at least I know she works here.

    (he enters the strip club, and from inside the place is jammin'. Many of the strippers are female humans, anthromorphs, and pokemorphs. Many of these ladies are dancing their sexy bodies to earn a buck or two. Anthony walks over to the bar, and orders a soda. At that moment, a female squirrel with brunette hair, and a satisfactory bust and butt size, comes over to him.)

    Squirrel: Hey, cutie. Never seen you here before.

    Anthony: Well, I don't come here much.

    Squirrel: (sexy) Oh? Want a lapdance? It's free.

    Anthony: No thanks. I'm here to do some business.

    Squirrel: (dissapointed) Oh. (walks off)

    (Anthony searches around the place until another stripper comes by the bar. She is a female version of Mewtwo, but with 38D breasts. She is wearing a sexy school girls outfit. She then sees Anthony.)

    Mewtha: Anthony! What are you doing here?

    Anthony: Oh, you know, some biz.

    Mewtha: Oh. (smiles seductively) Well, before I go up here and make my money, why don't you come to the private room for a private dance?

    Anthony: Sure. That would be lovely.

    Mewtha: I know you're gonna love it. Follow me.

    (Anthony follows Mewtha to the back of the club where the private dances are at. They enter the room, and Mewtha explains the rules to Anthony)

    Mewtha: Usually, I follow a bunch of rules when this is happening. One, the guy can only put his hands on the girl's hips. Two, the guy cannot touch the girl at all. And three, the door must be unlocked at all time.

    Anthony: Wow. That must suck. What are you gonna do now?

    Mewtha: (erotically) Simple. Just break them. They won't mind with you here.

    (she then brings up a stereo and puts in a cd. She presses play to start the stereo. The song she plays is "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot. As the song starts, she starts to do a sexy lapdance in front of Anthony. She even turns around and shakes her booty as her tail swings along. Anthony just stares as she does her thing. As he senses his erection, Mewtha then gets on her knees. She then sees his erection, and softly giggles to herself. She crawls over to him, and then starts to unbutton his jeans. Anthony then snaps to, and sees Mewtha undoing his jeans.)

    Anthony: (shocked) Whoa! What the?!

    Mewtha: (erotically) Relax. I'm checking if you still have that six-inch package inside. (she continues to undo his jeans, and seconds later, his boxers. This frees his six-inch erection.) Yep. You still have it.

    Anthony: (embarrassed) Oh, thanks for noticing.

    (Mewtha smiles, and she then starts to lick his hard shaft. Anthony snaps his head back as Mewtha softly licks the head of his penis. She then engulfs her mouth on it, and starts to suck on his erection. She bobs her head up and down to drive him into deep pleasure. She then goes hardcore, as she moves up, stopping at the head, and jerking the rest with her hand. Anthony can no longer stand this, and cums into her awaiting mouth. When he's finished, she takes her mouth off his hardened prick, and faces him.)
    Also, 38D cup breasts? Seriously?
  5. Ms. Mowz

    Ms. Mowz My likes mean absolutely nothing!

    Jan 22, 2017
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    Mewtha: (erotically) Mmmm. You always have a tasty member for a non-pokemorph.

    Anthony: I know. But you could consider me like a vulpix.

    Mewtha: (erotically) Alright. (starts to take off the top of her costume) If you're like a vulpix, (takes it all off, showing her 38D breasts) why don't you lick my tits like one?

    (Anthony smiles, as he lets Mewtha sit on his lap. He puts his head near her breasts, and starts to suck each one. Mewtha moans as she rocks herself on his lap to keep him hard. She hasn't put her vagina on his penis yet, but just doing some sexual outercourse. But her pussy does engulf his ballsac a bit, as she rocks herself in this position. She gets off his lap, and looks at what she did to make him stay hard.)

    Anthony: (smiles) Thanks for getting me hard again.

    Mewtha: (erotically) Always my pleasure. Now, (pushes him down on the couch and crawls on top of him) why don't you say we do a little 69 before we go on?

    Anthony: (smiles) Of course! Let's see what a pokemorph like you can do?

    (Mewtha starts to turn herself around, puts her pussy on his face, and positions herself to face his raging hard cock. As soon as Anthony starts to eat her out, Mewtha once again gives him a blowjob. Luckily, no one outside the room can hear their moans since Mewtha locked the door earlier. This 69 lasts until she cums on his awaiting mouth. Mewtha then takes her mouth off Anthony's cock, and marvels on how hard she made it.)

    Anthony: (catches his breath) That was great.

    Mewtha: (erotically) Great? (giggles as she moves herself off, and sits on his stomach) (smiling) I'll show you great.

    (Mewtha then shifts her hips onto his crotch, and shifts herself down on his penis. She rocks herself to get into place. She then starts to rock herself on his hips and starts their mating. Anthony closes and opens his eyes as Mewtha rocks herself up and down on his erect cock.)

    Mewtha: (erotically) You like? You like?!

    Anthony: (enjoying this) Yeah. I'm liking this!

    Mewtha: (erotically) Wanna go faster?! Faster?!

    (Anthony nods as Mewtha quickens the pace of their mating. Mewtha carresses her breasts together as she pounds herself on Anthony's crotch. Anthony then goes up and sucks on her breasts. This lasts until they both feel they're going to blow. Mewtha holds his head, and kisses him deeply as she cums on his erect cock, the same time he cums into her insides. When the dust is settled, they break the kiss and catch their breath.)

    Anthony: (catches his breath) Geeze. How can you survive this?

    Mewtha: (catches her breath) It's all in the body, baby.

    (Anthony smiles as he slides Mewtha off his body. He then reaches for his discarded clothes and takes out an invitation out of his jean pocket. He gives it to Mewtha.)

    Mewtha: What's this?

    Anthony: (as he gets his clothes back on) It's an invitation to a party I'm throwing.

    Mewtha: What's it for?

    Anthony: (polishes his glasses) Oh, just a night with me and the girls. I know you've been in a situation like I'll be in tonight.

    Mewtha: An orgy? (Anthony nods) Well, I have been in some with Emerald, Sarah and their friends, so it's fine.

    Anthony: Good. I'll see you tonight then. Don't forget to dress in something sexy tonight for the orgy.

    Mewtha: (kisses him on the cheek) I won't.
    Actually, come to think of it, A-Log probably greatly enjoys that one crappy Pokemon film that replaced the cool Mewtwo with the Mary Sue female Mewtwo.
  6. Ms. Mowz

    Ms. Mowz My likes mean absolutely nothing!

    Jan 22, 2017
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    (Anthony exits the room, and leaves Mewtha to herself. She reads the invitation and thinks to herself about the orgy. She then hears a knock on the door of the private room.)

    Voice: (sounding like Clyde of Wacky Races) Hey, Mewtha. You're on in five minutes.

    Mewtha: (to the door) I'll be right there. (goes back to read the invitation)

    (switch to minutes after Anthony left the strip club. He is driving to the next girl's place, but feels a bit of hunger in his stomach.)

    Anthony: Ah crap. Stomach's growlin'. I guess all that sex is making me hungry. Better get some food before I'm through. (he then drives off to the local supermarket and parks his car.)

    (cut to minutes later. Anthony is at the counter near a line with his selected items. He almosts bumps into someone. The guy is African-American, eighteen-years-old, and wears a grey sweatshirt and blue jeans. This is Billy Lee, Anthony's friend in the music business and founder of the Master Planners.)

    Anthony: Billy Lee?

    Billy: Yo, A-Log. What's up?

    Anthony: Oh, I just came from "Foxxxy Ladies".

    Billy: (sly) Bangin' with Mewtha, huh?

    Anthony: Yep. And that's not all.

    Billy: What'chu talkin' about?

    Anthony: I invited her to an orgy I'm putting together tonight.

    Billy: (shocked) Damn man! Tonight?!

    Anthony: Yep. I have it all planned out. I invite the girls, and they'll come. Even if a little sex can distract me.

    (as they talk, a clerk gets a little uncomfortable about the orgy, but continues his job at the counter.)

    Billy: (curious) Just curious, but how many girls are you planning to invite in this orgy of your's?

    Anthony: Oh, about 20.

    (Billy and the clerk look at Anthony shocked at the mention of how many women he's inviting.)

    Billy: Damn, dude. You have got to be the world's most luckiest guy!

    Anthony: (smiles) Don't you know it?

    (the clerk gulps)

    Billy: Well, I'll be seein' you, A-Log. Good luck.

    Anthony: Yeah. (waves goodbye) See ya later.

    (as Billy leaves the counter, the clerk still looks on with shock at their conversation. Anthony looks at him funny, and the clerk snaps to.)

    Clerk: Sorry sir. I just never seen people be so open about their sexuality before.

    Anthony: It happens. You're a teen, are you?

    Clerk: Yeah, I have to get some money, you know?

    Anthony: I see. (he puts his food into the checkout line and the clerk checks the prices on each item)

    (cut to an hour later, as Anthony drives up to a farm. He goes out of his car and walks towards the farm, as if he knows the place. Switch to a few minutes away from the entrence, where a female horse/foal is tending to her farm animals. She has golden skin and long blonde hair done in a braid/ponytail, and is wearing the usual attire for a farmer's daughter type: plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up and bottom part of the shirt being tied, and daisy dukes. This is Haystack, D-Mouse's farmer's daughter. Anthony walks in as she tends to her animals. She then turns and sees him.)

    Haystack: Howdy, Anthony.

    Anthony: Howdy, Haystack. What'cha doin'?

    Haystack: Oh, I'm just tending to my lil' animals. What'cha here for?

    Anthony: (walks over to an actual haystack) Oh, I'm just been around New York. (sits down)

    Haystack: For what?

    Anthony: Oh, just lookin' for fun in all the good places.

    Haystack: Oh? (tends back to her farm animals) What type of fun?

    Anthony: Oh, just the type of fun that (gets cut off as Haystack bends over, giving him an eyeful) (nervous) guys like me have. (gulps)

    Haystack: (turns her head around, and notices his nervousness. She smiles seductively to herself) You mean THAT type of fun? (Anthony nods) Well, how's this for fun?

    (she then starts to take off her daisy dukes to reveal to him a farm-styled thong. Anthony has his eyes open as he senses another nosebleed. Haystack then walks over to him)

    Haystack: (seductively) I think we should do it in the barnhouse, where no one can see us. Your say?

    Anthony: (nervous, eyes her breasts) Um, sure.

    (Anthony rises and follows Haystack towards the barn. They soon enter, and Haystack closes the door. Anthony sits on a nearby haystack as she walks over to him.)

    Haystack: (erotically) How do you like my barn?

    Anthony: Looks great.

    Haystack: (erotically) And secluded. (sits herself on his lap) Now, why won't y'all take this lil' ol' shirt off?

    Anthony: (smiles) Sure.

    (Anthony starts to untie her shirt, and takes it off, revealing her soft, busty breasts. He then puts his head near her country mams and starts to lick and suck them. Haystack gets herself steady as he gives her this pleasure. She carresses herself on his crotch to get him harder. This lasts for a few minutes until he takes his head off her now erect nipples.)

    Haystack: (erotically) How was that?

    Anthony: Tasty. Has that farm flavor for girls like you.

    Haystack: (erotically) I know something more tasty than my boobs.

    Anthony: (cocks an eyebrow) Which is?

    Haystack: (erotically) Oh, (as she fumbles through his jeans) I think you know.
  7. Ms. Mowz

    Ms. Mowz My likes mean absolutely nothing!

    Jan 22, 2017
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    (she starts to undo his jeans, and spring forth his erect cock. She pulls them down to his ankles for a full feeling. She is amazed at his raging six inches, and puts her mouth on it, giving him oral sex. Anthony arches back at Haystack sucks him dry. She is really showing him how country girls have fun on the farm. Suddenly, as Anthony is enjoying this, the barn door opens. In steps a studly looking horse farmhand with a black mane. He looks around until he sees Haystack going down on Anthony. Anthony opens one eye and sees the farmhand. He lets out a yelp of panic, thinking that he's her boyfriend.)

    Anthony: (panicked) Yipe! Is that your boyfriend?

    Haystack: (takes her mouth off his cock, and looks at the farmhand) Oh, him? That's Hoss, one of the farmhands.

    Hoss [Horse]: (unsure what to do) Um, nice to meet ya. You know Haystack?

    Anthony: (as he fixes his jeans) Yeah, she's a good friend. (notices Haystack's hand stopping him) Huh?

    Haystack: (erotically) It's okay, Anthony. Now that Hoss is here, I can have double the fun.

    Hoss: (confused) Double the-? (realizes what she meant) Wait a minute, you mean- (he is soon interrupted as he feels Haystack feeling on his horse cock. She then beckons Anthony over to her and Hoss. As he gets there, she takes out Hoss' pride and joy: an 11-inch cock to rival Anthony's)

    Anthony: (shocked) Jesus! That's one big stick of meat! (But not in a homosexual way.)

    Haystack: (erotically) I'm glad you're impressed. I hope you're not jealous of his size.

    Hoss: (uneasy) Yeah, it's just natural.

    Haystack: (erotically) Besides, two cocks are better than one. So why not join in?

    (Anthony shrugs and stands next to Hoss. As he stands next to him, Haystack begins to give them both BJs on her knees. She does it like a pro as she sucks on each of their erect cocks respectively. She even licks each of their heads at the same time. Not to mention jerking them off, too. Both males start to moan as Haystack continues the treatment. This lasts until both Anthony and Hoss shoot their load into Haystack's awaiting mouth. Haystack is almost drenched with cum as she stands in front of them.)

    Haystack: (erotically) How do you boys like it?

    Hoss: (catching his breath) God. That was good, Haystack.

    Anthony: (same) Ditto. Now what?

    Haystack: (erotically) Well, now that you are both erect, I guess you two can't resist the urge to fuck a country filly like me.

    (Anthony smiles wide, but Hoss is confused about this)

    Hoss: Well shucks, I can't resist that. I never had been in a three-way before.

    Anthony: Don't worry, man. It's like clockwork, a sexual two-for-one deal.

    Haystack: (erotically) (to Hoss) Don't worry, it's just like what he said. (she then slowly takes off her country-styled thong) It's just like clockwork. (she then turns away from them, waiting for them to fuck her from behind respectively.)

    (Anthony then whispers something in Hoss' ear. Hoss then nods, and walks with Anthony, as he takes his shirt off. As Haystack is standing there, she feels Hoss pushing his 11 inch dick from behind. She then feels Anthony pushing himself in from her frontside. At first she is shocked, but Anthony silently reassures her about this position. Haystack then smiles and nods at him. Anthony then starts to hump Haystack on the front, and Hoss starts to fuck her from behind. She is getting a DP [Double Penetration] standing up.)

    Haystack: (erotically screams and neighs with glee) Oh yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh, Anthony... Hoss... this feels oooohhhh so good! Keep doing it! KEEP DOING IT!!! Oh....
    "Not in a homosexual way". A-Log confirmed homophobe. Just like Classic Chris.
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    (Anthony and Hoss each continue their task. Anthony then has a chance to lick her breasts, as Hoss also gropes them from behind. They both soon feel Haystack's vaginal walls clenching in on them tight. They grunt as Haystack's wall close in. Until finally, in a sexual chorus, Haystack moans as she goes into orgasm, cumming on both Anthony and Hoss' cocks. They then start to shoot their sticky load inside Haystack until they were dried out. Both Anthony and Hoss pull each other out of Haystack's pussy, as all three catch their breath from their sexual intercourse.)

    Anthony: (catches his breath) Man, that was great! (goes over to get his clothes as Haystack is with Hoss)

    Haystack: How did you like it, Hoss?

    Hoss: Gosh, Haystack. I hope your father doesn't mind this sexual farmplay.

    Haystack: Don't worry. I just hope your girlfriend don't mind.

    (switch to Anthony getting his clothes back on. When he's fully clothed, he takes out Haystack's invitation and hands it to her.)

    Anthony: I almost forgot to give this to you.

    Haystack: (receives the invitation) An invitation? For me?

    Anthony: (nodding) Yep.

    Haystack: What's it for?

    Anthony: It's a night with me and the girls, and you're invited. (referring to Hoss) That is if he doesn't mind.

    Hoss: (shrugs) Sure, I don't mind.

    Haystack: I'll see about that later tonight. I'll see you later, though.

    Anthony: Same here. (kisses her on the cheek) And don't forget to wear something sexy at the party.

    (he walks out of the barn, leaving the two nude horses reading the invitation. Haystack then gets to the orgy part. She sets it down, and develops a sly grin, and looks at Hoss coyly. Hoss rolls his eyes and covers his face as he has to go with her all over again.)

    End Chapter 8
    Two more chapters, and I'm finally free
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    The World's Luckiest Guy

    by Anthony LoGatto

    Rated NC-17

    Chapter 9: Enchantra & Amanda (Preparation)

    Written: 7-19-02 Finished: 8-4-02

    (the second to last chapter begins as Anthony drives to the last girl's house. The structure looks more gothic than rich in taste. Anthony then gets out of his car and walks to the house. Before he knocks on the door, the door opens for him. He shrugs it off, and walks in. Cut to the living room where two girls are there. One of the girls is laying down on the couch as another is in the kitchen. The first girl is a mix of echidna/succubus with green skin, long flowing black hair, and 42DD breasts; the second girl is a hedgehog/vampire mix with pink hair and similar breast size as the echidna. They are Enchantra and Amanda, two friends. Enchantra is taking a nap on her couch as Amanda is busy. Anthony then enters, as Amanda sees him.)

    Anthony: Hey Enchantra, hey Amanda.

    Amanda: Hey Anthony. What brings yourself here?

    Anthony: Oh, just some biz. (notices Enchantra napping) Why is Enchantra snoozin'?

    (Amanda looks at her as Enchantra is saying some things in her sleep)

    Amanda: (to Anthony) Oh, she was tired when she came back. Plus she can't stop saying this guy's name.

    Anthony: Who's name?

    Amanda: Somebody named Brutality Guy or something.

    Anthony: Oh. (sits on another couch, Amanda soon sitting next to him)

    Amanda: So, anything planned for you?

    Anthony: Yeah. I have a big party tonight.

    Amanda: (interested) Really? What's it for?

    Anthony: It's a night with me and the girls.

    (upon hearing that, Enchantra awakes from her sleep.)

    Enchantra: Anthony, you're throwing a party tonight?

    Anthony: Yep. You and Amanda are invited.

    Enchantra: (excited, with hearts replacing her eyes) Really?! This is great!

    Anthony: But there is a catch. (both Enchantra and Amanda listen) The party is actually an orgy with me and the girls. You two are the last on my list.

    Enchantra: An orgy? Serious? (Anthony nods) Wow! I haven't been in an orgy in years!

    Amanda: Neither have I. Whom did you also invite, anyway?

    Anthony: Well, I invited Rouge, Rita, Delilah, Hello Nurse, Donna, Yankee,... (as Anthony goes on with his list, Amanda listens as Enchantra gets up, and walks towards the other couch. As Anthony is finishing up, Enchantra comes from behind and gives him a shoulder massage. He suddenly feels the jolt, but feels good from it seconds later.)

    Enchantra: (seductively) Pretty good massaging, right?

    Anthony: (relaxed) Yeah.

    Enchantra: Yeah, I'm like a pro at this.

    (Enchantra then gives Amanda a signal for something.)

    Amanda: (fibbing) Oh, I think I dropped something. Let me get it.

    Anthony: (as he is feeling relaxed) Take your time, Amanda. I'm really feeling- (suddenly, Enchantra gives him a deep alluring kiss on his lips. As they kiss, Amanda crawls over to his crotch and starts to unbuckle his jeans, and takes them off. She then sees his erect bulge from his boxers, and takes them off freeing his erect cock.)

    (Amanda looks up at Anthony and Enchantra as they kiss. She then engulfs her mouth on his penis, and starts to give him oral sex. Anthony opens one eye wide, but feels even more relaxed from the combination of Enchantra's kiss and Amanda's oral treatment. Enchantra then takes one of her breasts out of her outfit and breaks the kiss.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) While Amanda is giving you this treatment, why won't you have a taste of my tits? You like them like this, no?

    Anthony: Yeah, great size.

    Enchantra: (erotically giggles) Forty-two double D and still counting, baby!
    Yep. Sonic OCs. As if this "story" wasn't bad enough, he had to bring Sonic OCs into the mix.
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    (she then pushes herself on his head, and she let's him suck on her huge mams. As Anthony is giving this piece of pleasure to Enchantra, Amanda continues her job sucking his 6 inches. Enchantra then taps Amanda on her head.)

    Amanda: (takes her mouth off his cock, annoyed) Now what?

    Enchantra: (erotically) I think Anthony has enough from you. Besides, he wants to see a professional on this job.

    Amanda: What about me?

    Enchantra: (erotically) Don't worry. He hasn't had your boobs yet, hasn't he?

    (Amanda thinks about it, and nods as if saying "good point". She and Enchantra then switch places as Enchantra starts her oral treatment, and Amanda taking off her top in front of Anthony.)

    Anthony: (impressed) Wow, Amanda. (gropes her breasts) You're almost the same size as Enchantra.

    Amanda: Well not that much.

    Enchantra: (erotically) Enough talk. Let's cut to the chase.

    (on cue, Enchantra quickly engulfs her mouth on his erect cock. Anthony starts to breath low, but Amanda puts his mouth on her breasts to keep him down. As Anthony sucks her breasts, Amanda starts to moan lowly and drags her hands down to her crotch area. Switch to Enchantra, continuing to show Anthony how good she is cock sucking. She sucks on his cock long and hard as Anthony could ever imagined. This and Amanda's earlier oral treatment has put his juices to flow upward. He then goes into orgasm as he shoots as many jets of cum as he can hold. Enchantra did a very good swallowing his semen as Amanda kisses him on his lips. Enchantra then takes her mouth of his cock as Amanda breaks the kiss.)

    Enchantra: (erotically as she licks his semen off her fingers) Ah, Anthony; as usual you're always tasty in every way.

    Anthony: (catches his breath) Thanks Enchantra. I need that.

    Amanda: What about me?

    Anthony: (to Amanda) Don't worry, you also did well.

    (Amanda blushes as Enchantra cooks up another sexual idea.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) Anthony, me and Amanda are still horny, (carresses his hardened cock) and my special oral treatment has got you stuck. I suggest that we fuck.

    Amanda: (erotically) Yeah, that'll make the two of us very happy thanks to you.

    Anthony: Perfect! So, how are we gonna do it, ladies?

    Enchantra: (erotically) Simple. Just lay down, and let us do the work. (she takes off her bodysuit, as does Amanda)

    (Anthony does as she says, and lays down. Enchantra then goes up and sets herself on his awaiting mouth as Amanda gets herself on his still erect cock. They rock themselves to get the position correct.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) Is Anthony still hard, Amanda?

    Amanda: (checks as she feels his penis) Yep.

    Enchantra: (erotically) Good. I just hope he's ready for us.

    (Amanda smiles, and she starts to pump herself on Anthony's erect cock, and Enchantra starts to gyrate her hips on his face. As she does so, Anthony starts to eat her out. Both girls start to carress their breasts as they pleasure Anthony into oblivion. As they start to scream in pleasure, Enchantra liplocks with Amanda as they carress each other's breasts.)

    (Anthony keeps his hands on Amanda's ass as he keeps eating out Enchantra. He is enjoying this just like Enchantra and Amanda hoped. He then feels pressure coming inside his tool. He holds on as he shoots his semen into Amanda's insides, as she cums on his 6 inch prick. Enchantra can no longer take his lapping tougne and she cums on his face. Both girls then get off Anthony's body.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) That felt good. But that wasn't enough.

    Amanda: (erotically) (to Enchantra) Now what should we do with him?

    Enchantra: (erotically) Find some of my toys. I'll be here with Anthony giving him my encore.
    You know, A-Log, most other badfics at least make an attempt to tell an actual plot and not just make it an endless stream of godawful sex scenes that play out exactly the same each and every time.
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    (Amanda nods and runs off, as Enchantra crawls over to Anthony, who has seated himself up on the couch. She stops at his crotch, and smiles as he is still erect.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) Mmmm, looks like I made it super-hard. (looks up at Anthony) Can you still speak, Anthony?

    Anthony: (catches his breath/low) Yeah...

    Enchantra: (erotically/smiles) Then say "Ah", baby!

    (Enchantra then swishes her hair out of the way, and engulfs her mouth on his erect tool. She keeps her mouth clamped on his cock as she continues the oral sex she's famous for. Anthony leans his head back and moans in sheer ecstasy.)

    (just as Enchantra is giving this oral torture to Anthony, Amanda comes out, wearing a strap-on dildo. She gets behind Enchantra, and shoves it behind her. Enchantra lets go a moment, and looks back at Amanda, who is smiling.)

    Amanda: (erotically) Don't worry, Enchantra. Just keep going.

    (Enchantra nods, and she gets back to giving Anthony the oral sex she's known for. Amanda pumps Enchantra from behind as Anthony is enjoying this erotic combination. This lasts until Anthony can no longer keep is semen inside forever. He shoots his load inside Enchantra's throat, letting her swallow his cum. As that happens, Enchantra can no longer take the backyard action from Amanda, and she lets her mouth off his cock as she screams in pleasure and cums on Amanda's strap-on dildo.)

    (ripple to minutes later as Enchantra is now riding on Anthony's erect cock, with Amanda licking his balls and Enchantra's pussy at the same time. Enchantra moans and leans her head back as she carresses her breasts with her hands and almost covers them with her wings, but Amanda moves them away, and sucks Enchantra's tits. Enchantra moans louder from the combination of Anthony's cock and Amanda's tougne. Seconds later, Enchantra can no longer takes this combination of ecstasy and pleasure and she releases a scream of pleasure as she cums on Anthony's erect cock. Anthony grunts as he also releases his sticky love glue in Enchantra's insides as Amanda licks them down below. Enchantra then collapses on top of Anthony as Amanda joins them.)

    Anthony: (catching his breath) Jesus Christ, you girls are good!

    Enchantra: (same) Good as we wanna be, Anthony.

    Amanda: Yeah. So, I guess that wraps up your invitation job.
    The more I read this, the more I want to die
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    Anthony: I know. (he then hands them their invitations. They read it as Anthony puts his clothes back on.)

    Enchantra: Now, you're sure this orgy will leave us satisfied?

    Anthony: (as he polishes his glasses) Sure. It might even take all night.

    Amanda: Oh, goodie! That means we have lots of fun with you!

    Enchantra: Not to mention with the other girls.

    Anthony: Of course. I bet you have some big plans for the orgy tonight?

    Enchantra: Oh, I think we have something in mind for you.

    Anthony: Thanks girls. (kisses them each on the cheek) I'll see you two later tonight. Don't forget, wear something sexy tonight. (walks off to their door)

    Enchantra & Amanda: (unison) We won't! (both of them blow a kiss to Anthony and he then leaves. As he drives off, Enchantra lies on the couch scheming as Amanda looks at her, confused.)

    Amanda: Somthing on your mind, Enchantra?

    Enchantra: (seductive) Oh, I think I know a more seductive setting than his house to have the orgy.

    Amanda: You mean-?

    Enchantra: Exactly. Call the others. Tell them there's a change of plans for later tonight.

    (Amanda smiles back, and she walks away to get the phone. Switch later to Anthony's humble abode, as he drives up to the driveway, and makes a complete stop. He gets out of the car, and walks towards his door. He then gets his keys out, and unlocks the door. As he enters, he sees his maid, Callie Briggs, doing her job as maid. She then sees him, and runs towards him in joy.)

    Callie: (overjoyed) Anthony! You're back!

    Anthony: (smiles) Yeah, back from my invitation run.

    Callie: So, how did it go?

    Anthony: (uneasy a bit) Smoothly, if you didn't think I did you wrong.

    Callie: Oh, don't worry. I had a feeling that you had sex with the other girls. You're not the only that had some... fun while I was here.

    Anthony: You mean... with one of the other maids?

    Callie: Yep. But that's not important. Right now, (gets closer to Anthony) I'm thinking of taking a shower before tonight's orgy. (slides her fingers on Anthony's chest) Wanna join me?

    (Anthony just smiles, and then sweeps Callie off her feet. Callie giggles as he brings her upstairs to the bathroom. Switch to minutes later, as the couple are doing it in the shower. They are not wearing their glasses, as Callie enjoys the pleasure Anthony brings from behind as he washes her body with soap.)

    Callie: (moans lowly) Mmmm, oh Anthony. This is so nice. Ohh, keep it up.

    Anthony: (smiles as he continues to carress and wash her breasts with soap)

    Callie: Anthony...?

    Anthony: Yes, Callie?

    Callie: I'm still wondering why you're going through this orgy thing?

    Anthony: Well, I'm just trying to see if I can survive one like that playboy, Rex L'Grey.

    Callie: Rex L'Grey?

    Anthony: Yeah, him. You heard of him?

    Callie: I have. I was once a part of his female friends at his movie and photo studios.

    Anthony: Oh? (smiles wide) So you had been in some of his many orgies then, huh?

    Callie: Well, mostly with him and some three ways with the other girls. But that's not the point. What I was going to ask is if you ever want to settle down from your playboy world and maybe find that girl you want?

    Anthony: I don't know. I better let time tell for me. For now, let's continue our shower before we go. Shall we? (gropes her breasts)

    Callie: (smiles) Let's.

    (Anthony smiles and he kisses Callie softly on her lips as they continue their sensual shower. A montage then starts as we see each of the girls Anthony invited getting themselves ready for the orgy as "I Ran (So Far Away)" by A Flock of Seagulls plays in the backround.)
    Seriously, now you're trying to incorporate a bad 80s film montage for this shit, A-Log
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    (First one features the girls getting ready. Rouge is seen getting herself ready for the orgy by putting some cream on her huge breasts. Rita is shown next dancing sexually as she readies herself for the orgy. Delilah is then shown flexing her muscles in front of her mirror. Hello Nurse is shown next as she cares for a male patient. The patient is amazed at her beauty, but she's off limits. Donna is then seen next in her shower, cleaning her body for tonight. Yankee Poodle is then shown picking her dress for the orgy. She checks herself with her usual purple dress, but throws it on the bed. Josie is seen next practicing her dominatrix skills on a dummy. Cammy is then shown putting camoflague on her skin. The Bambi Twins are then shown putting some oil on their bodies. Sofia is then shown doing the same thing Josie was doing, except that she's dancing in front of the dummy. The Kattz Sisters are then seen having some sexual fun together as they get themselves ready. Quacketta is then shown doing some police moves in her bedroom. Buzz is then seen in her ranch getting herself ready. Dee Dee is then seen driving back to her home on her motorcycle to get herself ready. Mewtha is then seen having a three-way with two male pokemorphs, a machoke and a nidoking, as a way to practice. Haystack is then seen having sex with Hoss, her farmhand, also getting prepared.)

    (Second one features them in their selected outfits as they pose in front of their respective mirrors. Rouge is seen wearing lacy black and purple lingerie. Rita is then seen wearing a sleeveless, wrapped referee shirt with black pants and boots. Deliliah is then shown wearing sexy valkyrie garb. Hello Nurse is then shown wearing her regular uniform, but she opens it revealing a white corset with white stockings and boots. Donna is wearing a black latex dress with matching elbow length gloves and boots. Yankee Poodle is then shown wearing an American flag styled swimsuit complete with robe. Josie is wearing one of her dominatrix uniforms, which is a black leather tank suit with fishnet stockings, and matching gloves and boots. Cammy is then shown wearing her old Street Fighter uniform. The Bambi Twins are then seen wearing identical red bra and panties, white vests, and brown cowboy boots. Sofia is then shown wearing her outfit from Toshinden 3. The Kattz Sisters are then shown with Allie wearing a blue apron with nothing on top and a pink thong, and Tabbie wearing a black mesh mini-dress. Quacketta is then seen wearing a golden bathing suit ala Jacqeline from Royal Rumble 2000. Buzz is then shown wearing a brown cowboy hat, grey sleeveless shirt with bottom tied above her stomach showing of her humongous cleavage, blue jean short-shorts, and brown boots. Dee Dee is then shown wearing what looks like her regular fighting attire, but skimpier. Mewtha is then shown wearing a pink leather upper body suit with feathered pink hat and thong. Finally, Haystack is shown wearing cut off blue jean overalls.)
    "Let's make the fapfic more unbearable by pausing to describe the girls' clothes. I'm sure the readers would love that!" - Anthony Logatto
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    (the montage then ends as Anthony and Callie walk out of his room, decked in what they'll wear at the orgy. Anthony is dressed casual, as Callie wears an black evening dress, covering her surprise. As they walk down the stairs, they see some individuals Anthony knows. The first one is a tall man with a long, stringy black mustache, and wears a purple trenchcoat, black boots, red gloves, and a puffy stripped cap with aviator goggles. The second one is his companion, whose fur is greenish brown with black ears. The third man is a duck with a black suit, and looks similar to Groucho Marx. The first girl is a pikachu pokemorph with long red hair, 38C breast size, and wears a lime green tank suit, NY Yankees jacket, and a NY Mets baseball cap. The last one is also a girl older than Anthony by one year. She is African-American, has 34C breasts, short black hair, and wears her usual casual attire. In order, they are Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Groucho Quax, Sarah Sparkette, and Emerald Cotton. Anthony seems to know them as he walks downstairs.)

    Anthony: Oh, um, hey guys. What's up?

    Groucho: Oh, we're just around the neighborhood seeing how you're doing.

    Dick Dastardly: We know what you're planning tonight. (to his dog companion) Right Muttley?

    Muttley: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Anthony: You do?

    Sarah: Yeah, we heard about that orgy you're planning tonight.

    Emerald: Is it taking place here?

    Anthony: Well, yeah I suppose.

    Groucho: Well, let me just say that it's an honor for a guy like you to have so many women to have sex with.

    Sarah: Yeah, the ultimate horizontal hokey-pokey. Too bad me and Emerald can't go.

    Anthony: (confused) Umbreai or Cotton? (Emerald C. rises her hand) Oh.

    Emerald: Yeah. Why didn't you invite us?

    Anthony: Well, for starters, you and Maurice are an item, and I can't let you cheat. Sarah I just forgot.

    Sarah: That's all right. Mewtha told me and Emerald all about it.

    Dick Dastardly: One thing puzzles me. How did you even think of making love to twenty girls in one night?

    Groucho: (shocked) Twenty?!

    Anthony: Make that twenty-one, since I'm inviting my maid over. (Callie giggles as he kisses her on the neck)

    Groucho: Twenty-one?! You're gonna have one sore penis my friend.

    (just then the phone rings. Callie goes over to get it.)

    Callie: Hello? Who's this? (she listens to who's on the phone, and then she gives it to Anthony) It's Enchantra.

    Anthony: (puts the receiver to his ear) Yes, Enchantra?

    Enchantra: (on the other end) Anthony, I was thinking that your house wasn't suductive enough for the orgy tonight.

    Anthony: Really? Well, what would you suggest?

    Enchantra: (seductive) Well, why not have it at my place? It's perfect for the orgy tonight.

    Anthony: Oh, that's good. Should I bring Callie along?

    Enchantra: (seductive) Sure. She'll add more to the fun. I'll see you tonight, Anthony. (hangs up)

    (Anthony hangs up, and turns to his friends)

    Anthony: Guys, change of plans. I'm having it at Enchantra's place.

    Dick Dastardly: Enchantra? The succubus?

    Anthony: Yeah. Know her?

    Dick Dastardly: Almost every man in the world wants a piece of her.

    Groucho: Yeah, I've been there and back with her.

    Anthony: Right. (to Callie) Let's go, Callie.

    Callie: Where?

    Anthony: To Enchantra's place. Come on. We can't be late.

    (Anthony and Callie then leave the mansion and they drive off, leaving Groucho, Dick, Muttley, Emerald, and Sarah by themselves.)

    Dick Dastardly: I'm not sure if he can keep up with twenty-one women in one night.

    Groucho: I don't know. He has been with Rouge and he lasted long enough.

    Sarah: I remember I was with him at a pokegirl orgy and he was still breathing.

    Emerald: Same here. I was with him while I was with Maurice, and he didn't even know it.

    Sarah: You go girl! (gives Emerald a high-five)

    Groucho: Well, just to be certain, I think we should bet on it. (whips out a pad and pen) Alright, who says that Anthony will survive the orgy? (Sarah, Emerald, and himself raise their hands) And who bets that he won't? (Dick Dastardly and Muttley raise their hands) Alright. Bets are made. We already know Dick here is gonna lose anyway.

    Dick Dastardly: (angry) Shut up, Quax! It was just dumb luck that I have my whole life!

    Muttley: "Hyeh Hyeh Hyeh Hee" (Dastardly clobbers Muttley on the head with his hand) Razzin-frazzin-frazza-razza.

    End Chapter 9
    Tomorrow I will post the final chapter. Then I will finally be FREE
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    hey @Fauna Fox,

    please add "wat" and "heresy" to the thread tags


    toroidal boat
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    The World's Luckiest Guy

    by Anthony LoGatto

    Rated NC-17

    Chapter 10: The Big One (The Orgy)

    Written: 8-5-02

    Finished: 10-27-02

    (the tenth and final chapter begins as Anthony pulls his car up to the driveway. As soon as he stops at Enchantra's home, he and Callie get out and walk towards the door. They get to the door, and Anthony rings the doorbell. Enchantra then answers the door, and with a smile, greets them.)

    Enchantra: Anthony, Callie. I'm so glad the two of you came. Come in, please come in.

    (Anthony and Callie walk into Enchantra's humble abode, and Callie is amazed at her surroundings. The room has a gothy feel to it. Anthony already knows this as he usually visits Enchantra. As they are awed at the surroundings, Enchantra quickly slams the door and locks it behind them.)

    Callie: (nervous) Um, Enchantra. Why have you locked us in your house?

    Enchantra: (seductive) It's simple, Callie. Remember that orgy your boyfriend planned?

    Callie: Yeah, he planned it.

    (at that moment, Amanda appears behind Enchantra)

    Anthony: Well, I planned to be in my place. Why have it here?

    Enchantra: (seductive) Simple. (puts her hands on Anthony's shoulders) I've invited some friends while you and Callie were being prepared.

    (Enchantra lets go, and claps her hands together. On cue, all the girls that Anthony had invited before [Rouge, Rita, Delilah, Hello Nurse, Donna, Yankee Poodle, Josie, Cammy, the Bambi Twins, Sofia, the Kattz Sisters, Quacketta, Buzz, Dee Dee, Mewtha, and Haystack] come out of their respective hiding places, wearing their selected costumes. Anthony and Callie are surprised at this surprise from Enchantra and Amanda.)

    Anthony: (surprised/shocked) You brought them here?

    Rouge: (seductively) It was Enchantra's idea.

    Quacketta: (seductively) Yeah, she figured her place was more seductive.

    Josie: Besides, that mansion thing is way too unoriginal to hold an orgy.

    Delilah: Plus, this place has more rooms.

    Enchantra: (seductively) So, what do you say, Anthony? (lustfully grabs his crotch. Anthony looks at her and Amanda, then Callie, then the other girls. He then gives his reply)

    Anthony: (smiles) I say... LET'S DO IT, LADIES!!!!!

    Enchantra: (smiles seductively) That's all we want to hear.

    (Enchantra starts to unopen his shirt, and she starts this orgy by carressing his nipples, and kissing his neck. Rouge kneels down to Anthony as the other girls wait, and some also feel each other. She unbuttons his pants and sees his erectionn from his boxers. She pulls them down to reveal his erect shaft. She smiles as she sees this amazing length looking her at the face. She then puts her mouth on his 6 inch tool.)

    (as this is happening, Callie is having her breasts groped from behind by Amanda. Callie looks on, amazed at the other girls feeling each other.)

    Amanda: (erotically) Don't worry, Callie. These girls are nice, and they can give any man or woman pleasure.

    Callie: (nervous) I don't know. I usually have sex with Anthony, but not with other girls. (thinks about that) Well, I have on some occassions.
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    Rita: (erotically) (walks over to Callie) There's nothing wrong with having sex with the same sex, Callie. Besides, (starts to stroke her thighs with her hand, and her breasts with her tail) you need some lovin' from us girls.

    (Callie shrugs, and lets Amanda continue groping her breasts, as Rita takes off the rest of the dress. Pan over to the other girls. Quacketta sucks on Delilah's breasts, as Cammy is licking her pussy. Switch to the Kattz Sisters having some sexual fun with the Bambi Twins by eating each other in a big circle. Switch back to Anthony, who is still getting the BJ from Rouge. Hello Nurse then joins in by licking his shaft as Rouge sucks on the head. Hello Nurse uses her smooth tougne to lick Anthony's hard, erect cock. Anthony releases a loud, satisfyed moan, but Enchantra puts one of her breasts on Anthony's mouth. As she does that, he licks Enchantra's erect nipple, as he enjoys this three-way.)

    (pan towards Josie, Mewtha, and Buzz on the other side. Buzz unties her shirt, releasing her humongous breasts. She presents them to Mewtha and Josie, and like kittens, they suck on Buzz's mountainous mams. She moans in sweet passion as she takes off her cowboy hat and places it on Josie's head, as she helps Mewtha take off Buzz's daisy-dukes. Both girls then place their fingers inside Buzz's vagina and proceed to finger fuck her. Buzz's moans get louder as Josie and Mewtha slowly move their index fingers inside her vaginal walls.)

    (switch to Anthony, Enchantra, and Hello Nurse. Hello Nurse is sitting on the couch, looking coy to Anthony as she places a hand on her uniform.)

    Hello Nurse: (erotically) Do you like what you see?

    Anthony: (nods) Yeah.

    (Hello Nurse then takes off her uniform to reveal her outfit seen in chapter 9. She carresses her breasts together to further tittilate him.)

    Hello Nurse: (erotically) Oh, Dr. LoGatto; it's time for my check-up.

    (Anthony smiles as he gets to her body, and takes down the top covering of her corset to reveal her busty breasts. He puts his head towards them, and proceeds to suck, lick, and softly bite each one. As he does this, Enchantra goes between them, and gives Anthony one of her best BJs.)
    Oh god, please make it stop!
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    (switch to Donna and Yankee Poodle. Yankee is showing off her patriotic swimsuit to Donna, who is impressed with her fashion sense.)

    Donna: (impressed) Wow, Yankee. You really outdid yourself.

    Yankee Poodle: (erotically) I always have, Donna. Always have. (she gets closer and gropes Donna's breasts) You have some good taste yourself. Let's see how your body tastes?

    (Donna nods, and lets Yankee take down the top of her dress, revealing her bountiful breasts. Yankee rubs them as Donna takes down Yankee's suit top, also revealing her busty breasts. The two busty canines then get close to each other and they kiss romantically; French kiss included. They carress each other's breasts to make it more erotic.)

    (switch to Callie, who is now having her breasts sucked by Haystack and Rita. Then switch to Anthony, who is just finished sucking on Hello Nurse's tits, as he is laying down letting Enchantra sit on his face, letting him eat her out, and Amanda and Rouge licking his erect cock. Ripple to minutes later as Anthony is now humping Quacketta down in the missionary position as Dee Dee kisses him from behind. Quacketta holds the back of her head with her hands as she lets Anthony probe her insides.)

    Quacketta: (erotically screaming) OH GOD, YES!!! OH, OH, OH!!! Oh GOD, YOU'RE SOOOO BIG! AH!!

    (Anthony continues to hump Quacketta down, as Rouge comes over and lets Quacketta feed on her breasts. As Quacketta sucks on Rouge's huge breasts, Anthony bends down, as he is fucking her, and licks her breasts.)

    (switch to Mewtha, Delilah, Sofia, and Hello Nurse. Delilah and Sofia are slowly peeling off Mewtha's bodysuit as Hello Nurse starts to fondle Delilah's breasts. Sofia joins in as she and Hello Nurse fondle and suck on Delilah's tits. This gives Mewtha some time to reach for a gym bag and pulls it close to her. As she opens the bag and reaches inside for the cockss, Hello Nurse and Sofia stop what they're doing.)

    Hello Nurse: (confused) Mewtha, what are you looking for?

    Mewtha: (erotically) Oh, just something that all four of us will enjoy.

    Sofia: (raises an eyebrow) Which is?

    (Mewtha then takes out what she's looking for. She takes out two different types of dildos out of her gym bag. One is a long double-sided dildo, while the other is a black-and-purple strap-on.)

    Mewtha: (erotically) Here's how it'll work: one of us will fuck each other with this long double-edged dildo, while another tries the strap-on.

    (Hello Nurse and Sofia look at each other, and then decides to try on the double-sided dildo. As they grab the double-edged dildo, Mewtha puts on the strap-on as she looks seductively at Delilah.)

    Delilah: Why can't me and Hello Nurse fuck each other with that dildo?

    Mewtha: (erotically) I thought it's best to have one species each have a try at my collection. Besides, (gropes Delilah's breasts) you look much better with a strap-on anyway.

    (Delilah can only nod as Mewtha gets closer and shoves the dildo deep into Del's insides. Then they both put their hands on their respective destitnations. Mewtha clamps her hands on Delilah's and starts to rub and carress her huge breasts on Delilah's ample breasts.)

    (switch over to Sofia and Hello Nurse, trying on the double-ended dildo. They start to suck on each sides as they slide them between their breasts to have the full feeling as if it was Anthony's penis. Hello Nurse then pulls the first end down to her pussy, as does Sofia. As they insert their ends in, they moan in ecstacy as they insert the long ends of the double-ended dildo in their love canal. Sofia then interlocks her legs onto Hello Nurse's behind, as does Hello Nurse with Sofia. They then push themselves onto the double-edged dildo as they fuck each other in a position similar to "kawa-awse." (loose translation is "the meeting of two clams.) They continue their own pleasure as we switch to Mewtha and Delilah. Mewtha is still humping Delilah with her strap-on as her breasts rub up against Delilah's.)
    This is my personal Hell
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    (ripple to minutes later as Anthony is now on the floor, leaning on the couch. Most of the girls are close to him, kissing him in every way possible. While some of them are kissing his body, Yankee Poodle inserts herself on his cock, and rides him. It goes even further as Sofia holds his legs up by his knees, and licks his balls. Enchantra looks on with pride, as Anthony is getting the best treatment he ever had in his life. She looks back, and thinks about what else to plan.)

    Enchantra: (thinking) I never knew Anthony can survive being fucked into oblivion. But he is still handsome though. (giggles to herself) I hope he can survive what I'll give to him later.

    (Enchantra continues to look on as Yankee goes into orgasm and cums on Anthony's shaft, also letting Sofia have a taste. After Yankee gets off his hardened prick, Rouge crawls up to his hard member and she starts to give him another BJ. Then Mewtha crawls by and joins in. Ditto goes for Delilah, Rita, Callie, Yankee, Donna, Haystack, and Amanda. All of them start to each lick and suck on Anthony's inflated organ.)

    (as they give out their oral pleasure, Enchantra walks over to Anthony as Josie is kissing him.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) Anthony, when they're done I want you to come with me into the dungeon. I have a very special surprise for you.

    (upon hearing this, Josie stops kissing and looks up at Enchantra.)

    Josie: Wait a minute. Anthony had sex with me earlier today and I never reached my orgasm.

    Enchantra: Why?

    Josie: My little sister walked in.

    Enchantra: Oh. (erotically) But that's okay; I'm thinking having someone also testing his little upgrade.

    (Josie smiles back at Enchantra just as Anthony experiances another orgasm. As he catches his breath, Enchantra and Josie lift him up off the floor.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) Oh, Anthony. I have a little surprise for you and I'm going to let Josie have a try at it.

    Anthony: (as he catches his breath) Really? What is it?

    Enchantra: (erotically) I can't tell you now. It'll be in the dungeon. Come Josie.

    (Josie nods as she helps carry Anthony into the dungeon. As they were going downstairs, Callie wipes her mouth off, and sees what's going on.)

    Callie: Enchantra. Why are you taking Anthony and Josie with you out of the orgy?

    Enchantra: Oh, I'm just showing Anthony a little surprise for him.

    Yankee Poodle: Then why is Josie coming with you, too?

    Enchantra: She likes to see it herself. I would suggest that you girls have your own fun with each other while we get busy ourselves.

    (as soon as Anthony walks off with Enchantra and Josie, the girls give each other a secutive smile, except for Callie, who is still nervous and gulps.)

    (switch to the dungeon, where Anthony and Josie are following Enchantra down the steps. Enchantra then guides him to a wall, and as soon as he places his back on it, Enchantra begins to chain his wrists up.)

    Anthony: (confused) Um, Enchantra. Why are you putting me in chains?

    Enchantra: (erotically) Because I don't want you to get away while I do my surprises.

    Anthony: I thought you said A surprise?

    Enchantra: (erotically) Well, this is my first surprise.

    (she then places a hand on Anthony's swelled cock. She starts to squeeze it, giving Anthony some physical pleasure. As she squeezes it, a glow starts to form, as if she is doing magic on his most private part. As Anthony and Josie look on with amazement, Enchantra is putting a spell on his penis. As the glow winds down, Enchantra lets go of his cock. Anthony looks down in shock to see that Enchantra has made his penis 8 inches, which is 2 inches bigger than his regular six.)
    Seriously, I fucking hate all of this.
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    Anthony: (shocked) What the?!

    Enchantra: (erotically) You like? I think that six is a little dull, but eight is a whole lot better.

    Josie: (talks to Anthony, referring to Enchantra) Yeah, she's right. I remember telling him about adding some more inches to his package earlier today.

    Enchantra: (erotically) (to Josie) You did? (Josie nods. Enchantra grins) Now you got your wish. But first, (turns her attention to his newly grown cock) I have to give his new size a taste test.

    (Enchantra then kneels down, and she starts to give him a blow job. Now this was no ordinary BJ, since Enchantra is a pro at this. She starts to lick the head of his cock, and Anthony moans in pleasure. Josie then decides to keep herself satisfied during Anthony's testing, she places one of her breasts into his awaiting mouth and he licks it as he is enjoying Enchantra's pleasure.)

    (Enchantra then goes into the extreme as she wraps her lips on his cock, and slowly moves her mouth up to take his eight inches in. As this tease is happening, Anthony can still feel his cock twitching from outside Enchantra's mouth. As she does this, Josie reaches down to fondle Anthony's balls, and feels the semen stored inside.)

    Josie: (erotically) Oh, aren't we a little heavy tonight?

    (Anthony can only groan as Enchantra slowly continues to fill his cock into her mouth inch by inch. As she reaches his pubic hair, Anthony can feel the tension in his cock rise as his balls overload on semen. He can no longer take this erotic torture, and pushes himself onto Enchantra's mouth and shoots an overload of cum into her mouth. When he's finished discharging, Enchantra takes her mouth off his swelled cock and looks at him and Josie with a loving gaze.)

    Enchantra: (erotically) Wow. Even in 8 inches he tastes great.

    Josie: (erotically) I know. Now what should we do to him?

    Enchantra: (erotically) Well, I guess one of us has to take in his new length. (to Josie) Want to give it a try this time?

    Josie: Well, since I didn't cum the last time, sure.

    (Enchantra then unlocks the chains off of Anthony's wrists and layed him flat on the floor. She lets Josie get on top of him first. As she does that, she slowly places her pussy on to his hardened prick. She then rocks herself to get into place, and she then starts to pump herself on Anthony's large length. Anthony can only moan back in ecstasy as Josie grinds herself on his huge meaty spear as Enchantra watches on. Josie moans back in ecstasy as she arches her back and kneads her breasts. Enchantra then decides to join in by walking over to Anthony's head, and sets herself down to place her damp pussy into his face. As she places her cunt on his awaiting mouth, she grinds into the rhythm of Anthony and Josie's moans as she releases some pleasured moans from Anthony feasting on her cunt. As Anthony is receiving this erotic torture, Enchantra and Josie look at each other as they give Anthony his just sexual deserts. They then kiss each other passionately as each girl is pleasured by Anthony's parts. He can no longer take this erotic torture anymore, so he shoots 50 jets of semen inside Josie as she came on Anthony's prick, and Enchantra came on his face. Josie and Enchantra then stand up, and look at Anthony, laying on the floor.)

    Josie: (to Enchantra) Now what should we do?

    Enchantra: (erotically) Help me bring him upstairs. I want the rest of the girls to see his next surprise.

    (Josie then helps Enchantra pick Anthony up, and carry him back to the living room upstairs.)
    Jesus Christ, how long is this chapter!?