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About Us

Welcome to the Club! We're a site dedicated to the sharing and discussion of so-bad-its-good media of all kinds. Some good media will sneak in from time to time, too, but things can't be all bad all the time so discussion of media people genuinely like isn't off the table- so long as it doesn't distract excessively from our primary focus of mocking the hell out of the bad stuff.

Since most of us came from the forum that started its existence as the CWCki Forums (hence our site's name), we also have a discussion section on the original lolcow, Christian Weston Chandler. Have fun marveling at one of the most fascinatingly bizarre people to ever grace the internet.

Pour yourself a drink, kick back, and have fun. That's what any good club should be based around, and if you're enjoying yourself in a low-drama environment with good people we consider our little corner of the internet a success.


~ The Management

Below you will find our site guidelines. Stick to them and you'll likely never run afoul of staff. If you have any questions, the admins and mods are happy to help answer them.

- Be Civil: This is a place for people to enjoy themselves. If you find yourself getting angry, you should probably take a break and relax a bit.

- No Offsite Drama: If you have issues with someone from another site or a Skype group, this isn’t the place to air them out. Take it up with them away from here. This includes no posting personally identifiable information of others.

- No Lolcow Threads: We're not looking to be a Kiwi Farms knock-off, and as such we keep the focus on media as much as possible, instead of delving deeply into the lives of those who make it. This doesn't mean that creators can't be discussed, especially when their works and personal lives are deeply intertwined, but that the threads should revolve more around works than people.