Cooking with Jack | Jack Scalfani

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    This is both a serious answer and it's mocking him -
    Probably, because nearly every dish he makes has a metric fuckton of cheese in it, and he could be retaining water or something because of the meds he's likely taking for the stroke paddle he's flapping around on his right side.
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    Jack flat doesn't care, he might not be the brightest, but he has to know he's lying to himself with the KEEEETOOO. He's a glutton and food addict, if he wasn't Jack it would be a sad story to watch, but we've seen his addiction is his main goal and before this shit really ramped up (stroke #1) and all, he was still an all around skeezer of a person.

    Addiction (even food) makes anyone awful, but Jack was before hand, even if so most junkies are aware of their issue and don't care or are in such a nasty cycle but he's too busy half assing meals and stuffing himself while looking down on others.
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    I sorta stopped following Jack because he was looking pretty rough for a while, but looks like he's back to making vids.