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Least favorite Chris moment

Discussion in 'CWC Discussion' started by Kong, May 20, 2022.

  1. Judgesaturn507

    Judgesaturn507 rambling without substance

    Feb 17, 2022
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    In the wake of Trump and Brexit it just felt like everything became political and everyone had to pick a side. Chris was a prime example of that - not only his gender identity, but his stance on certain political issues (which he obviously knows nothing about) becoming a target for just as much mockery.

    It feels like people were getting into Christory for the wrong reasons - deciding that his views on 'Pmurt' were just as laughable as his gross personal habits or terrible comic, and that they could be used as ammo in the ongoing culture war.
  2. Judgesaturn507

    Judgesaturn507 rambling without substance

    Feb 17, 2022
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    So, here's my 'short' (ha) opinion on most of the sagas in Christory.

    Mostly positive:
    -Adam Stackhouse (no troll influence, just TRUE and HONEST unadulterated Chris)
    -Liquid (got a little tiring after a while though)
    -Doopie/MLP VA's

    Mostly (or all) negative:
    -Julay/BlueSpike (worst troll in terms of personality)
    -Financhu Crisis (especially when Barb was involved)
    Other troll girlfriends, in general*:
    -Kacey (irritating voice)
    -Jackie (inconsistent tone, wanted to help Chris but also told him to make stupid videos as a 'troll')
    -Jessica Quinn (beating a dead horse, cringy additions to Sonichu, caused him to go even further of the rails straight into the clutches of...)
    -The Idea Guys (worst trolls for influence on his worldview)
    Post-Idea-Guy Christory in general:
    -Orbiter drama (the worst part is that stuff stopped being about Chris, he wasn't part of the conversation as much because everything became about Guardmen and Watchdogs and the Mattress and who can be the next Clyde Cash vs. who can save Chris from himself)
    -Dimensional Merge/God delusions (wasn't this just a guy who made a shitty internet comic at one point...)
    -Jacob Sockness (creepy and potentially dangerous)
    -Bella (worst troll in terms of motives and actions)
    -Incest/Jail Saga (duh)

    -Minor happenings in the Classic Era (Jimmy Hill, PandaHalo etc.)
    -Soft Exile (I wish he'd just stayed away...)
    -Pmurt (his RAGE was entertaining but the Kiwi crowd making it about actual politics sucked the fun out)
    -Tomgirl/Trans (same thing)

    So yeah, it's mostly depressing but there were a few funny moments I won't discount.

    *I kinda like Blanca and Ivy because they played into Chris's conception of how women should behave and his expectation of relationships.
  3. ToroidalBoat

    ToroidalBoat wat

    Jan 21, 2017
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    I doubt that anyone disagrees with that being negative.

    hopefully no one out there thinks it's a positive thing o_O
  4. Thats

    Thats New Member

    Apr 4, 2023
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    The thing that got me shell shocked was when BlueSpike made Chris shove the medallion down there, i don't know but after that i think i got jaded or built some tolerance to disgusting things Chris is able to do. The incest saga was bad but not as shocking for me, i kinda expected that kind of stuff