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General Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Anya, Sep 17, 2022.

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  1. Anya

    Anya Heh Administrator

    Apr 30, 2016
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    We don't seem to have a generalized rule thread, mostly because everyone here knows forum etiquette. As we grow, it shouldn't fall on the veteran members to have to teach the young'uns the ways of the Club, so here goes (more to be added on an as-needed basis):

    1.) Be civil. Don't act like a dick and you won't be treated like one. There's a huge difference between good natured ribbing and becoming the forum pariah. Do not become the latter.

    2.) No gimmick-posting. Once or twice is cute. Being the "____ guy" gets tiresome.

    3.) No racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc. This should go without saying. Cwcki Club is NOT one of those "edgy" sites where you can drop N-bombs just because you can. This ties in with Rule #1 - Be civil. We're all about free speech and what not, but free speech does not mean using slurs just because you want to.

    4.) 18+ Only. That said, no children. Not like we post porn or anything, but we do use bad words and in general, Sonichu itself is not safe for work/school/grandma's house. Anyone found to be under 18 will be banned immediately. Come back when you're 18 and can fully understand the gravity of Chris' situation.

    5.) Do not disclose (deeply) personal issues (ie: mental health, personally identifiable information, etc.) [Taken from: Mental Health, Sonichu, and You - A Club CWCki Note on Mental Health Crises]
    6.) No inter-forum drama. Yeah, there's a whole lot of crap that's going down as of 9/2022, but shit-talking that particular site or its site owner openly is just asking for drama that to be quite honest, isn't necessary. That said, the site with the vegetable moniker is fair game, as that site is run by a Chris Orbiter and one cannot be discussed without talking about the other.

    7.) Please use screenshots or quotes to preserve information. As is the nature of the interwebs, sites can suddenly disappear without warning and thus, take their information with them. So use screenshots or copy/paste into [ QUOTE ] tags so future generations can also experience the jackassery.

    8.) No politics. This had been an unwritten but largely agreed upon rule. Now it's official.

    9.) If you're not sure if what you're going to post is going to fly, then don't post. Lurk moar. Read the room.

    10.) This is not a Lolcow Forum. This is a Chris-Chan-centric forum. Don't create threads on people not related to or associated with Christine Weston Chandler (or whatever Chris is going by nowadays.)

    11.) If you have a question for the Mods/Admins, use
    Questions for Staff. Self-explanatory. If you need to DM the staff: When DMing mods about site issues. Also, here is a list of who does what around here: Staff Hierarchy
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2024
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