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Comments on Profile Post by [WTX]Coolguy_Tran

  1. Very Honest Content
    Very Honest Content
    Don't spoil the 'good' ending for Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles vidya game, pls? Some of the normies here haven't beat the thing yet.
    Jan 31, 2018
  2. [WTX]Coolguy_Tran
    Too bad, buddy! He walks up to Clyde Cash who is defecting and also made the AUTISMO-SIX nerve gas and you see his hallucination of Comic Chris who is all "MY NAME! IS CHRISTIAN WESTON CHANDLER OF RUCKERSVILLE VIRGINIA! AND I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!"

    or is that another game.
    Jan 31, 2018
  3. ToroidalBoat
    The Semper Fidelis kind, or the "For the Emperor" kind?
    Feb 25, 2018
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  4. Very Honest Content
    Very Honest Content
    The Jan kind.
    Feb 25, 2018
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