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Fishtank Live

Discussion in 'Shows' started by Glaive, Apr 22, 2023.

  1. Glaive

    Glaive Cyber Tzar Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Feb 10, 2016
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    Significant Fishtank Update:

    Fug, I put this update post off too long and now I have to write a lot. But I'm committed to trying to finish it out, only one more week so there can't be THAT many more cast changes....

    Sylvia Leaves:

    Sylvia has been eliminated via an actual challenge unlike some of the other past contestants that left willingly or had a more-so scripted forced exit. For Slyvia it came down to scoring the overall worst on the Jason Goldstrike PSAT test formulated by the production staff themselves containing math, writing, and Goldstriker pop quiz questions. While Sylvia wasn't anywhere near a fan favorite who commonly scored among the very bottom of popularity polls across the entire series, I think she ended up leaving on much better terms than the audience expected. Partially through the fact she was knocked out through a legit challenge on top of having a simply a lower-drama exit without jabbing at any of the true fan favorite fish on her way out. That being said I'm not going to miss her. Her time was up for sure and the only arcs I really appreciated were her brief scraps with Letty.

    Freeloader Changes:

    So Chris left extremely briefly. Convinced this was done as just a way to stick him into some of the World Peace 2 shooting. He seemed genuinely the most upset I've seen him all show during his leave, so either I'm underestimating his acting ability or he was strongly convinced to stay. Maybe a mixture. Either way he's back and serving up some of the best lines as a freeloader and at this point he's pretty clearly going to go the full length of the show. Plus he's rocking the friar haircut and already had what might be the a contender for best clip of the show yet with having been turned down by a prostitute they threw into the tank randomly one night because she said she smelt literal shit on him.

    Giving Mauro an even smaller section. Mauro returned with the apparent role of being a freeloader, but his time was so short lived they didn't even give him a slot on the Fishtank roster. Essentially Frank came back close to the same time and mogged Mauro to death bad enough to have him rage quit out of frustration. That and he got plastered and slapped Chris practically as hard as he could. Left of HORRID terms, audience seems to dislike him now past Simmons level.

    New Freeloader Betty:

    As the last freeloader to be added as part of the clone bit, Betty was added to be a better version of Letty. This was established VERY quickly with the audience forming a near Josie-level fanbase. She did in fact do a great job of getting under Letty's skin, but it never got super personal. A lot of was sorta slap-sticky and I'd wager she'd have done better if they prepped her with some more dirt to sling. That being said I can't say I'm even close to being on the hardcore Betty fanboat like I've seen some lads ship off on. She did well enough, but it's clear to me she rode a lot of her reception around being merely "hotter than Letty". Especially after the tit flash scene. Can't rate her higher than a 6/10 as a freeloader honestly.

    New Freeloader Alex + Dontarius

    Putting them together since they are naturally a couple in their usual form on Alex Stein's channel/videos. There was a lot of hesitation around Alex being added with a neutral or even negative perception from most audience members based around his persona and his own prior content. However I think Alex won a lot of people over with how often he interacted with the Fish and participated beyond the expected gimmick of Loud=Funny. Dontarius likewise hammed it up well with his usual stunts around acting plainly as homeless as possible leading up to his exit with being accused of smoking crack to embrace his homeless vitriol and screaming black lives matter. Can't decide if I liked Dontarius more than Chris or Simon as the overall best freeloader yet but it's probably not a fair comparison with how short his visit was. Wish both Don and Alex stayed longer but their departure seemed too well coordinated to not be planned in advance. Guessing they both had to go back home for shit of their own. I'd be #TeamDon if he was still here.

    New Freeloader Jon:

    Annnnnd last but not least JON is back. Was pretty shocked to see it but so far he's fairing far better as freeloader than he was as a contestant. At least as far as his own mental stability goes. Doesn't seem like he's intending on dipping this time around. That being said he's a bit subdued compared to main character vibes he smeared all over the tank during his prime time run. Can't tell if that's his own doing or via some coaching from production staff given he's supposed to be there as a freeloader, but either way he's not been pulling quite the punches I expected him to. Jon's return is still fairly fresh so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and hold out for more Jontent. R.I.P. Jon's bible to the washing machine.

    Glaive's New Fishtank Power Rankings:
    • Josie
    • Vance
    • Letty