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Comments on Profile Post by RetardBus

  1. ToroidalBoat
    The mental concept of "Chris Chan" can be like an annoying song that persists in one's thoughts. Like it's trespassing and ban evading in the mind, like the freak IRL.
    Apr 18, 2024
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  2. RetardBus
    I think it's a lot of the "scene" that's always surrounded Chris too. Like the weens, the subset of the old trolls who didn't learn and were like glorified weens themselves, the orbiters, etc.
    Apr 18, 2024
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  3. Ms. Mowz
    Ms. Mowz
    I just became indifferent towards everything, but that has more to do with the boring internet drama that's become too common nowadays.
    Apr 20, 2024
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  4. RetardBus
    You and me both, Ms. Mowz. Have had far too much of that throughout my life myself.
    Apr 20, 2024
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  5. Cyan
    No. I refuse to let Chris change me.
    Apr 21, 2024
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