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Comments on Profile Post by NAITCHA BAH

  1. Duhtay Wodes
    Duhtay Wodes
    Why does A-Logging matter *this* much to you? Seriously, you make a huge deal out of nothing...
    Aug 29, 2017
    1) If taken out of the Club, it can affect the level of content we get from Chris.
    2) We should be a little more aware than Chris.
    3) YOF has me muted anyway. I could say whatever, and he won't know.
    4) When A-Logs get doxed, they provide almost as many lulz as Chris because of how sad their existences are. Add to that their embarrassment of people discovering that they are, indeed, as bad as Chris is.
    Aug 31, 2017
  3. Duhtay Wodes
    Duhtay Wodes
    Honestly, after watching several of your posts degenerate into "ZOMG! NO A-LOGGING! STAPH IT U GUIZE!" I just think that maybe you take it a bit too seriously and need to just chill.
    Aug 31, 2017
    Nah, I'm good. But I'll make a compromise: If I call out an A-Log, I'll contribute more to the thread in the same comment. You are right, a thread shouldn't suffer because of me.
    Aug 31, 2017