The wonderful works of Hippogriffgirl42

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    I've been aware of the existence of this girl and the amazing stuff she wrote for a while, but I somehow withheld writing about it here for a while. Until now.

    Anyways, Hippogriffgirl42 is (or was, she hasn't used her account for 8 years so don't ask me where she is now) a Harry Potter x Hermione Granger shipper who despises Ron and Ginny Weasley as a resullt. How much, you ask? Here's her profile, for starters.


    Because she hates Ron and Ginny so much, Hippogriffgirl42's stories almost always involve either Ron or Ginny (usually the latter) being described as ugly and disgusting. Here's a prime example of what I'm talking about, featuring the epilogue at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've noticed that a lot of Harry x Hermione shippers tend to dislike it, but this is a little much if I'm honest.

    There's also this one, which led me to believe that Hippogriffgirl42 had a scat fetish. And for better or for worse, that was actually a more TAMER example of it.

    Undoubtedly Hippogriffgirl42's crowning achievement, Harmony Hippogriff at Hogwarts is essentially a preppier, slightly less worse version of My Immortal. But only slightly.
    It basically involves a Mary-Sue named Harmony Winter Butterfly Dawn Hippogriff, transferring into Hogwarts and doing all sorts of crazy shit that culminates in Ginny Weasley (who seems to be exclusively described as ugly and disgusting) getting blasted by a giant tower of literal shit. Yes, really. And apparently this is "A great story featuring a brand new character and loads and loads of Ginny bashing!" I guess two out of three right isn't that bad.

    As if that couldn't get worse, Hippogriffgirl42 disappeared for 4 years after posting Harmony Hippogriff, as well as her butchered version of the epilogue. When she did return, she admitted that her old fics were "silly" and started work on a new one. Unfortunately.
    If you've already suffered through Harmony Hippogriff, then this is the exact same story, only this time, Ron's in it! Not that it's really a good thing, as he gets treated the same way that Ginny was in Harmony Hippogriff. Yeah.
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    Finally, someone has the courage to speak against the ginger menace.