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    I don't much watch TV, like well at all. So please take this as the fact I even have watched it as a huge compliment, the fact I'm hooked as much more so.

    Terror is based on the Dan Simmons novel, produced by Ridley Scott and Soo Hugh. Both are really good at their work imho.

    The premise for those who have not read the wonderful book, is based on the real life Franklin trip for the North West passage, but it didn't end so well. Think ice and well more ice. Now the Dan Simmons novel also throws a bit of super natural aspect in as well some more drama.

    So for history buffs you'll enjoy as well as the touching on the X files esque stuff.

    What really grabs me this takes place in the late 1840s off a British crew, every tiny detail was handled with near perfection. How the crew speak and interact, clothing, food as well as the sets. The HD shots of the ships and more so just the land scape are breath taking.

    This will only be 10 parts and so far just finished part 3 while I type this. AMC's app has them as well as "on demand streaming" I highly enjoyed the book and this follows it very well, the casting is great. It's how everyone looked in my mind.

    Terror airs Monday night 9pm EST.

    For anyone who enjoys spooky, Victorian era, naval/maritime stuff or the sheer power of nature I highly suggest giving this a shot.