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    Hello CWC followers,

    I am Little Owl from the CWCki, and I have been working to re-generate the screenshots of Chris and Barbara’s court records to a standard format, by using the Firefox’s Web Developer tools.

    The new screenshots (example attached) are created via the Responsive Design Mode. They are 800 pixels wide (982 pixels for the Circuit records), and as high enough for the scroll bar to disappear. The sidebar is hidden via the DOM Inspector, although I preferred to keep the header for sake of authenticity and authority. All the sections in the record are expanded for sake of completeness.

    I wish to ask if you can help me locate four civil cases in the Virginia Online Case Information System. The cases relate to the civil suits and protection orders from the 2011 Game Place Case, and are shown in the CWCki with the following (stated) case numbers:
    • GV11004191-00
    • GV11004192-00
    • GV12001683-00
    • GV12001684-00
    I have tried to find the cases in the Albemarle, Charlottesville and Greene General District Courts, but they do not return the correct results. Can anyone help dig deeper, as I have little time right now?

    Best regards,

    Little Owl

    Post was edited to state the alternative width for the Circuit records, due to the width of the masthead over there.

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    You should look into this too:
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